Saffron - Gem packaging

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Saffron - Gem packaging


Saffron is one of the highly prized spices known since antiquity for its colour, flavour, aroma and medicinal properties. It is the dried "stigma" or threads of the flower of the S. crocus plant. The plant is a bulbous perennial plant that belongs to the family of Iridaceae of the genus, Crocus and known botanically as Crocus sativus. This exotic spice is a native of Southern Europe and now cultivated worldwide in some countries, particularly in Spain, Iran, Greece, Turkey and India. Iran now accounts for approximately 90 percent of the world production of saffron. The Crocus sativus plant grows to about 15-20cm in height and bears lavender coloured flowers during each season, which lasts from October until November. Each flower features perianth, which consists of a stalk, known as “style,” connecting to the three “stigmas” or threads to the rest of the plant. These orange-yellow colored stigmas along with the style constitute "saffron" which is used as spice. Good crop production demands cool dry climate with well-drained rich fertile soil and irrigation facilities or sufficient amount of rain fall. The flowers are generally harvested during the early-morning hours and soon the stigma separated, allowed to dry and packed for marketing. Saffron has the distinct flavour because of the chemical components in it picrocrocin, and safranal. It also contains a natural carotenoid chemical compound, crocin, which gives saffron its golden-yellow hue. These traits along with its medicinal properties make it a valuable ingredient in many foods worldwide.